Sunday, January 1, 2017

Death Star

No, I am not talking about Star Wars, but my own Christmas tree star.  The first year DH and I were married we bought the antique tree topper you see on the right.  It is metal, very old, and very heavy, and it has been on the top of our tree for the last 19 years.  This year was no different, I had just put the star on top;decided  to put the skirt under the tree before cleaning up and calling it a night, it was almost 9:00.  While putting the skirt under the tree, the star fell off and landed on my left hand.  The main point went almost all the way through my hand and was stuck in my hand.  I have to say it didn't hurt until I pulled it out.  That is when I screamed, although I don't know if it was so much from the pain or the blood that was squirting everywhere.  The point went into a vein.  The scream brought DH running.  We wrapped the skirt around my hand and ran to the kitchen.  DH then frantically went to look for the first aid kit, meanwhile I had passed out on the  kitchen floor.  He came back got me taped up and in the car heading to the emergency room.  There are some strange people at the emergency room at night!!  They stitched me up and put a splint on it, told me if I had any problems to see my doctor.  After taking the splint off three days later I realized I didn't have any feeling in my thumb and two fingers.  Went to my doctor on a Thursday, he said the star had probably nicked a nerve and I needed to have surgery.  The last day he was doing surgery for the year was the next day.  I went home in panic mode trying to get all of my presents wrapped and some baking done. Had surgery on the 19th, he found three pieces of metal embedded in the nerve.  Went home bandaged from finger tip to elbow and in a sling.  Not fun.  Finally got the huge bandage off and it has been replaced with a huge brace that I have to wear for 8 weeks.  Luckily I am able  to take it off to shower and do my hand exercises.  This has seriously cut into my nightly stitching and knitting.  I don't know what to do with myself.  I am getting in a lot of reading.  And no, the star is never going back on top of the tree!!!!


Jacqueline said...

Wow. Now that is some Christmas story.

Lindah said...

I had no idea that Christmas tree decorating was such a dangerous activity!!!
Seriously, I hope the hand heals perfectly and quickly. (And yeah, I would probably get rid of the star, too.)
Please keep a list of your good reads to share with us When all is well and back to normal,
After this auspicious ending to 2016, I hope your 2017 will be peaceful and happy.