Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A finish

 I finally managed to get something finished.  This is a Bonnie Hunter free pattern, Patches and Pinwheels.  I am not even sure when I started this, I know that it was several years ago,it was a fabric swap organized by my dear friend Kristie.  It is  a huge quilt 86 x 86.  My good friend Leisa quilted it and as usual she did a great job.  I finished the binding a couple of days ago, the only thing left to do is a label.  I try to always put a label on my quilts, for several reasons, especially if it is a gift for someone.  I have lots of antique quilts and it would be so nice to know something about the maker and exactly when it was made.  I hope that some day in the future someone will be glad I labeled my quilts.
I spent some more time at the dye pot, this time working on different shades of green.  I have everything from grass green to a great shade of teal.  Love the teal shades.

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