Sunday, January 11, 2015

First great reads of the year

Image result for last kind words saloonI always ask for books for Christmas, these are the books by my favorite authors that I want to keep.  I know I could get them from the public library but I would rather have them in my personal library.  The first book I received the week before Christmas from my brother was the Last Kind Words Saloon by Larry McMurtry.  I think that I have read all of his books, Lonesome Dove being my favorite.  This book deals with Wyatt Earp and Doc  Holiday and the ending of the west as they knew it.  It is a very quick read.  The changes that the two western legends are going through reminds me of all of the "electronic" changes that I am going through with my job as a media specialist.  If you like westerns and McMurtry's books I would definitely recommend this one.

XXX MCCAIG-RUTHS-JOURNEY-BOOKS-jy-2170-The next book that I received was Ruth's Journey.  This book is the story of Mammy from Gone With the Wind.   The first time I read gone with the wind was the summer between my sixth and seventh grade school years, my mom had taken me to see the movie and I absolutely fell in love and I do mean love with Rhett Butler, (Clark Gable).  I begged my mom to let me read the book and she finally relented.  It was so good, I can't even tell you how many times I have re-read it.  I know there have been other books by other authors about Scarlett,  and Rhett Butler's people, I have read them but they weren't that good in my opinion.  This book was different, it tells the story of Ruth or mammy as we later come to know her.  The life of a slave was not easy, as we know and Ruth's life is no exception.  I think that Donald McCaig did a great job telling her story, from her childhood in Haiti to the meeting of Miss Scarlett and Rhett.  If you are a Gone With the Wind fan I would put this on  my reading list for the year.

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