Sunday, August 11, 2013

Canning Queen

After getting back to school last week, I was looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend doing some sewing and things that would make be forget about school.  I should have known better than to plan on something like that.  I was the canning queen this weekend.  First I made some Blueberry Jam from blueberries that we picked last weekend while we were up in Blueridge.  This was my first time making blueberry jam, hope it turned out ok.  It tasted ok going into the jars.

Then I canned 5 quarts of tomatoes.  Our garden has been awful this year. We have had so much rain that everything just washed away.  By this time of the year I usually have about 20-25 quarts of tomatoes, but this year I have only had 10.  Luckily we had some left from last year so we will have enough to see us through.

The next project was figs.  The figs have also been disappointing this year.  I managed to pick enough to make one batch of preserves.  I made fig/raspberry preserves using raspberry jello, I had 6 jars of this.  It should last DH for a while, it is one of his favorites. 

Then we had the jalapenos.  I only had enough to make two quarts of pepper sauce.  Kind of disappointing after the banner pepper crop we had last year!

By this time I was tired of canning, all that was left was a few blueberries and  jalapenos.  I decided to mix them together and make some blueberry pepper jell, kind of different but it tasted pretty good as it was going into the jar.  Can't wait to try it with some cream cheese.
Maybe next weekend I will be able to  sit down at the sewing machine and do some sewing.

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kristie said...

I'd be interested in your fig and raspberry jelly recipe...sounds like a winning combo. k