Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday Night Fun

Last night, Becky, Pat, and Krisite came over to do some stitching and some *****ing. "(Karin had to cancel at the last minute due to sick grand baby, hope she is feeling better now.) We had a great time. I am working on my Snowmen A to Z stitchery. I have completed three blocks, I didn't start at the beginning, I have done I, P, and the E&F blocks. I really like this pattern and can't wait to finish all of the blocks. Pat was working on a KathySchmidtz stitchery. She is a wonderful designer and has some great patterns. (both Kathy and Pat) I was glad that Pat was able to spend some time with us, since she is leaving for a Quilting By the Bay Retreat in Florida later in the week.
Becky brought her knitting, she alternated between socks and a scarf. Becky was also having a big day at school today with a visiting illustrator. I know she is really busy with that today. She is using one of Krisite's sock patterns. Krisite is the most talented person in the entire world. She knits, quilts, spins, weaves, and has a menagerie at her house. Krisite is working on an additional degree so she is always busy.

Becky is doing a great job with her practice sock. I don't know that I will ever attempt to do socks, they look really neat but I think for now I will stick with scarves and hats. Kristie was working on her yoyo's.

We had a great time! We have not only a love of quilting and sewing but Krisite, Becky and myself are media specialists, and Pat is a retired teacher. If we are talking about sewing in one form or another, we are talking about school. I am so glad that everyone could come over, I had a great time. Looking forward to seeing everyone next month.

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Susan said...

That sounds like a really fun evening! I can knit, but I prefer crocheting. I like quilting the best of all!!